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“The Addict’s Mom” has extraordinary news! President Obama has selected our Barbara Theodosiou as a recipient of a White House Champion Of Change award! Moms, thanks to your nominations, Barbara, and her work with “The Addict’s Mom” is being recognized for “doing extraordinary things to make a difference in her community.” President Obama honors ordinary citizens who have the “passion and belief in their cause to work at the grass-roots level to create reforms.” Barbara is “getting people engaged” in conversations about the topic of addiction, which formerly was ignored and stigmatized. This year, 2016, has been a remarkable year in the history of “The Addict’s Mom.” TAM welcomed Director Michael Botticelli of the White House Office on National Drug Control Policy as a member of “The Addict’s Mom.” Through a brand-new initiative from his office, Director Botticelli offered TAM members an opportunity to speak with him, and to voice their concerns for their children who are suffering from the disease of addiction. TAM was the first organization to be chosen for this initiative in which the Director engages in discussions and problem solving with grass-roots organizations in our nation. “The Addict’s Mom” is a powerful, compassionate organization due to its members and selfless administrators; Barbara wishes to extend her gratitude and love to each and every one of you. Barbara’s desire, when creating “The Addict’s Mom,” was and is to this day, to offer a shame and blame-free environment for the mothers of children with addiction to share their victories and tragedies with each other. Only a fellow mother of an addicted child truly understands the grief, desperation and turmoil that accompanies addiction. Every day, TAM members demonstrate their support and dedication to their children and to each other. Barbara and her family travelled to the White House to accept her Champion of Change award. Moms, your voices ARE being heard through this dedicated and compassionate woman. Barbara is determined that the work of TAM, inspired by her beloved boy, Daniel Montalbano, will continue. It is Barbara’s wish that Daniel’s brief, tragic life was not a life lived in vain, rather that Daniel will be immortalized not only as a victim of substance addiction, but as an advocate for mothers of addicted children. Barbara shares her award with Daniel, for he is her inspiration. Barbara also wishes to share the award with each and every one of you members of TAM. You, and Daniel, will be in her heart as she is presented with the Champion of Change award.

Barbara Theodosiou And Michael Botticelli At the White House's "Champion Of Change"

The founder of The Addicts Mom Barbara Theodosiou was one of ten very deserving recipients of the White House Champions of Change Award. She was picked out of over nine hundred applicants. She started TAM ten years ago but sadly lost her son Daniel just a little over a year ago to the disease of addiction. Currently there are 70,000 members in The Addicts Mom. Because Barbara was willing to share without shame there is a place for families to go and receive support, education and understanding without the fear of stigma. Much love to Barbara and all of the volunteer admin on the site. These women are warriors. Written by Lori Williams Moore READ MORE

"Champion Of Change"

President Obama will be honoring our very own Barbara Theodosiou as a recipient of a White House "Champion Of Change" award!

WHEN: Friday, April 29, 2016 at 1:00 PM ET

“The Addict’s Mom” has extraordinary news!

President Obama has selected Barbara Theodosiou as a recipient of a White House Champions of Change for Advancing Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery!

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The Addict’s Mom would like to invite licensed professionals and institutions in the field of addiction and mental health to apply as a resource in the Professionals For the Addict’s Mom directory. Because TAM has over 70,000 members, Professionals for the Addict’s Mom, has an extensive audience. TAM will evaluate your services and credentials to determine if you are an appropriate fit for our Directory. To learn more PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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