And the winner is . . .

Looking to Our Past to Protect Our Future

What do these women have that we don't?


 They spoke out at time when women had no vote, no voice in government, no right to birth control, no right to join the military, no rights to their children or their property.  So tell me again . . . why can't we speak out against addiction?


“The Addict’s Mom,” a group focusing on the mothers of addicted children. The relationship between the mother and addicted child is unique;



Beautiful tribute created by Addict's Mom Member Rose Savage. These are our children who are still fighting the battle, and those who will "forever" be loved and missed


Making a difference one mom at a time! The Addict's Mom currently has 20,000 members spread across the United States and 52 countries around the world. Our members receive support through this website, social media, and grass roots community groups. Please join us to receive help and hope, as well as adding your voice to the largest social change movement of our time. Together we C.A.N. change addiction now.

Local Chapter Groups

State Groups Are Here!

The Addict's Mom is very pleased to announce state chapter groups. Join with members from your state to take action and make a difference today. These are closed groups where you can share your story, make new con...tacts, gain awareness and reach out to others who have a loved one suffering from a substance abuse disorder or co-occurring mental-illness.

Find the link to your state and join today!



The Addict's Mom Video

Download our Flyer and Share! Right click on the flyer below and save the picture to your desktop. You can print rignt from your desktop by right clicling and selecting print. You can also email the flyer to schools, community organizations and churches.




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