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Addict's Mom Partners with In the Rooms hosting Live Video Online Meetings!

Every Thursday Night the Addict's Mom Hosts Live Video Online Meetings on In the Rooms at 7:00pm EST.


UPDATE: has been featured in this newest article, written by NickyO.  "Can Live Online 12-Step Meetings Heal The World."  The Addict's Mom is also mentioned within this great article! It is an honor to have partnered with amazing people such as Ken! Keep Up the Great Work!


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Welcome to The Addict's Mom. This is a safe place to Share Without Shame. If you are new here this is the place to introduce yourself and share how you came to find yourself here. Share Your Story.

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Supportive Resources

If you have questions about Rehabs, Detox, Recovery Houses, Sober Living in your area please share your questions, concerns and support here. Someone will get back to you with helpful resources as soon as humanly possible.

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The Addict's Mom Events, Rallies & Support Groups

This is the place to post any Events, Rallies and Support Groups you have going on in your area. Share your Events here.

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Sounding Board

Need to Vent, Cry, or Need a Listening Ear? This is the place to do it. We are here for you to support you through your journey as an Addict's Mom.

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“The Addict’s Mom,” a group focusing on the mothers of addicted children. The relationship between the mother and addicted child is unique;

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