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A Message from Barbara Theodosiou

It is with the greatest sadness that I must tell you, my TAM sisters, of the tragic passing of my beloved boy, Daniel Francis Montalbano.

He was born into my loving embrace on October 24th, 1991. I loved him from the moment I looked into his beautiful eyes. As the years passed, Daniel required much attention from me, and he became my very heart.

Daniel was kind, thoughtful, and gentle; it was a privilege to know him and to love him. I, his brothers and sister, and his extended family, loved him dearly.

Daniel was a very unique and gifted soul; he was a free spirit. He expressed that soul and spirit in his art, and in his writing. He was brilliant; he had a thirst for knowledge. At times misunderstood by others, I remained in awe of his ability to overcome defeat time and time again, and to rise up stronger, and more determined in his quest for a successful adult life.

It is because of Daniel’s pain and struggles that I created The Addict’s Mom.

My motivation was and continues to be to unite all mothers who battle the disease of addiction in a precious family member.

Although Daniel’s life here on Earth was all too brief, his struggle is over. I give him into God’s embrace, where he will be protected as I protected him.

I know within my very core that his life is my inspiration to fulfill the mission of TAM. Although Daniel’s life is a high price to pay, his life will not be in vain. Just as my beloved boy was able to face his Demons with determination again and again, I too, will rise up in his honor and fight the Demon of addiction until my dying breath.

God Bless each and every one of you, and God Bless my precious Daniel.



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