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Barbara Theodosiou's beautiful boy, Daniel struggled with addiction.
As she fought to save him, Daniel with his kind, loving heart, could see that his mom needed to be able to share her heartache and fears with others who were dealing with the same. Together they envisioned The Addict’s Mom™. They felt there must be another mom who, like Barbara, was fighting for her child’s life with nowhere to share that pain and heartache. Since that time, over 120 thousand mothers, fathers, and loving family members have been brought together to find understanding, support and comfort in the wreckage that addiction brings to our homes and lives.

On March 31, 2015, Barbara Theodosiou lost her precious son, Daniel at the tender age of 23.

Nothing could prepare her for this outcome, and her world was shattered.
But though her heart was crushed, Barbara remained clear in her and Daniel’s purpose for The Addict’s Mom: to provide a place where broken moms (families) can come together to finally be heard, and to begin the process of healing.
Daniel was a talented, compassionate young man, with a devoted family and a bright future. Like many of our children, Daniel, a sweet, kind soul struggled at times being bullied in school, and shunned for his caring ways. Much of this turmoil led to his addiction. Even through his struggles his loving heart saw the need for his mom to connect with others who were fighting for their struggling child too; he understood the need for her to be able to “Share Without Shame”.
Barbara, a dedicated and desperate mother, did all that she could to help him, to save him, but the bonds of his addiction held him too deeply.
In the words of Barbara’s friend, Sherry Schlenke, the mother of a boy, now deceased from the disease of addiction, “Daniel leaves a long-lasting and important legacy; his life and death have united the mothers of addicted children in a permanent bond. That is quite an accomplishment indeed.”

Today, please take a moment to thank Daniel’s mother for giving us this place to “Share Without Shame”, to honor and reflect on this special young man and his short life.
We are forever grateful and understand what an important role Barbara and Daniel’s vision still is today, 13 years later. And we thank them.

Daniel Francis Montalbano: Everyone’s Child.

Read more on Daniel’s story and poetry Here.

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What the World Needs Now Is Grace

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“When I am setting boundaries, I am honoring myself, and I am honoring the people around me.” ~ Rob Mo | Tree House Recovery Addiction Counselor

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The Addict's Mom is excited to announce

A weekly scripture-based support group for our closed group members,
that meets in our GoTo Meeting Room each Wednesday.

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Fed Up! Coalition

The Addict's Mom 2018 Black Balloon Day

2018 Fed Up Rally

Recipient of the 2016 "White House Champion Of Change Award"

“The Addict’s Mom” has extraordinary news! President Obama has selected our Barbara Theodosiou as a recipient of a White House Champion Of Change award! Moms, thanks to your nominations, Barbara, and her work with “The Addict’s Mom” is being recognized for “doing extraordinary things to make a difference in her community.” President Obama honors ordinary citizens who have the “passion and belief in their cause to work at the grass-roots level to create reforms.”

Read About Barbara's Award

Never underestimate the resolve and love of a mother fighting for her child

From their kitchen tables to the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of the White House; On September 19, 2016 The Addict's Mom  Executive Director Leisha Underwood and TAM Marketing Director Michelle Jaskulski met with Drug Czar Michael Botticelli, who called the meeting to listen firsthand to the voices of parents battling substance use disorders within their own families.

Upon meeting with Director of the Office of National Drug Control policy Michael Botticelli at the White House, Underwood described how important the opportunity was to her. “Nobody is more determined or more affected by the disease of addiction than a mother," she said. "Nobody will ever fight harder to save a child. The societal stigma and misunderstanding experienced by mothers simply trying to save their children can be crippling. We are proud and honored to be heard by this administration."

In 2017 TAM was off the the Races!

The Addict's Mom's race car

March 2017

TAM is off to the races! As a child, TAM member Sherry McKnight spent hours watching her father speed around the track in his race car at historic Bowman Grey Stadium in Winston Salem, North Carolina. When Sherry learned that family friend Billy Gregg, an expert short track driver, needed a sponsor, she decided to contribute the fee. TAM founder, Barbara Theodosiou, gladly gave permission for Billy to display “The Addict’s Mom” logo on the hood of his sleek car!  

Read the full story here

Jessica Ward's Beautiful Quilt

The TAM quilt symbolizes the unity of a group of determined women, led by the re-markable Barbara Theodosiou, whose own beloved boy died this year. TAM moms stand united against the disease of addiction, united against the stigma of addiction, and united against the mistreatment of our children by the broken Mental health and prison systems. TAM moms stand united and undefeated as they “Share without Shame” the moment-by-moment agony of being the mother of a child suffering from addiction.

The newest TAM quilt was displayed to a crowd of thousands on the main stage of the Fed Up Rally on September 18, 2016. Using squares submitted by over 500 TAM members, the quilt is a varied composite of three different colored squares; red for a child currently in active addiction, white for a family member now in recovery, and black in memory of a loved one lost to this dreadful disease. Dedicated to Barbara in memory of her son, Daniel Montalbano, who lost his struggle with addiction, the TAM quilt is a symbol of honor, celebration, and poignant remembrance to those now gone.

Thank you Autumn Young for the video! See more pictures HERE

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“The Addict’s Mom” is a group focusing on the mothers of addicted children.

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